Morton's Auto & Truck Repair LLC
4.99/5.00, based on 71 ratings; 57 user reviews

  Robert, 06/22/2017

Excellent, trustworthy, family business I recommend.

  Shawn, 05/30/2017

Professional, upfront and honest, knowledgeable and great work! I could go and on about Morton's Auto & Truck Repair. My experience with them has been great!

  Rod, 05/29/2017

I had 2 of our cars serviced a week apart preparing for a long trip. As usual Steve and Robin were very accommodating in getting us in. Both vehicles were taken care of to our satisfaction. They will always tell me what we need and do not need. As I have said before and will say again, I trust Steve and Robin with all our automobile needs. I highly recommend them to all who are looking for a shop.

  David, 05/09/2017

Our family and extended family have been using your shop for several years and are extremely satisfied with your services. Thank you for all you do.

  Jason, 04/30/2017

Excellent service. Fair pricing and not over charged for unneeded work. The shop always takes care of my maintenance on my autos. Wouldn't take them anywhere else.

  Kristina, 04/27/2017

Great service and very willing to help. Professional customer service and very comfortable atmosphere. They fixed the problem immediately and did NOT over charge me! I highly recommend Mortons Auto to everyone looking for the job to be done right the first time!

  Daniel, 04/20/2017

Repair was scheduled and done in a well reasonable time. Very happy with service rendered!! Do wish diagnostic cost was cheaper, but I don't know the overhead in using a diagnostic computer?

  Mark, 04/13/2017

It's a great shop, I trust them when they say some thing is wrong. One thing I would love to see is Saturday hours. I need my car 6 or 7 days a week and it's tough to drop it off on a Monday and not get it back for several days, especially over the weekend. What if you did only oil changes and simple stuff on the weekend and the customer could just pick it up at night after you closed. No customer interaction on a Saturday, just a tech working in the simple stuff. I would pay ahead for my oil change and be able to pick it up around my schedual.

Mark, thank you for taking the time to review our shop and services. I certainly can appreciate you needing the Explorer 6-7 days a week and find it difficult to do without it. We have thought about Saturday hours in the past, however our Technicians work hard all week performing back breaking repairs. I feel our Technicians deserve the weekend off to recuperate so as to be at their best come Monday. I also want our Technicians to have as much quality time to spend with their families as well. Life is too short!

  Chris, 04/13/2017

Outstanding service.

Thank you Chris.

  Robert, 04/06/2017

Great service with family friendly treatment. I trust Steve and Robin and they do me right.

Thank you Bob. Always a pleasure to see you.

  Theresa, 02/23/2017

Best place in the area to take your car for any kind of repairs you need. Reliable and honest! Great people!!!

Thanks Theresa & Mike. You two are great!

  Erik, 02/23/2017

Everyone is extremely friendly and honest. I recommend Morton's to everyone I know. Service is a little more expensive than other places, but most of the time, it is worth it to get good, honest service.

Thank you Erik, we appreciate the feedback.

  John, 02/02/2017

always do a stellar job.

Thank you John.

  David, 02/02/2017

My family has been going to Morton's for many years and we have ALWAYS had great service and Robin & Steve are WONDERFUL people. I would highly recommend their business to others.

Thank you for such kind words. It's customers like you that make enjoyable for us.

  Tisha, 12/29/2016

Steve and his wife are great to work with. They both make you feel like you are the only person that needs assistance. Call and get an appointment quickly and once you get there you wait and in no time your car is ready. Great place to get your routine car work done or anything that your vehicle needs to have done. Steve will do what is needed only and will ask before he does any unexpected work. That is why I have him check my vehicle out for routine work and he always does a great job. If you need car work done call Morton's they will take good care of you and your car/truck.

Thank you Tisha for such a stellar review. We really appreciate it. Steve

  James, 12/21/2016

Steve and Robin run a excellent business, they do great work. Most of all is there honesty. It means a lot in this business to have someone you can trust, thank you Steve and Robin. Jim & Nona Bell

Thank you Jim & Nona

  Larry, 12/19/2016

Excellent workmanship, completed quickly. Cost was lower than I imagined for a Lexus product.

Thank you Larry.

  Ray, 12/15/2016

Always reliable and courteous and trustworthy! They are part of why my 23 yr. old Crown Vic is still running smoothly:)

Thanks Ray & Eileen for such kind words.

  Theresa, 11/25/2016

Best mechanic around!! His business is run very professionally. We are always able to get in, and always happy with the repairs. Great people

  Dale, 11/24/2016

I have used Morton services for many years. They have the very best in all aspects of their business. Excellent people, very understanding of needs and requirements. Never any doubt about the best service.

Thank you Dale.